Proverbs 2:20,  That thou mayest walk in the way of good men, and keep the paths of the righteous.

There is a purpose, Son, why you are preserved, why you are kept.

It is not sufficient to simply escape from the wiles of the devil and his own, but it is expected of you to walk in the way of good men because it makes a difference with whom you walk. .

This is to be the direction of the course of your life.

You are to take as your example the way of good men.

You are walk the paths that Noah walked, that Abraham, Joseph, Moses and Job and David and Daniel walked.

Study the walk of Paul and Peter and John and follow therein.

If you are to walk in the way of good men you must know how they walked in the way.

Study to show thyself approved unto God.

One thing you must study is the lives of good men.

Learn how good men walked by studying the walk of good men.

Line your walk up against the walk of good men and walk the same as good men.

Pay attention of the walk of the faithful men of the scriptures and of the men of history who served God faithfully and of the men in your life who are faithful.

These walked the paths of the righteous and you are not only to walk in those paths but you are to keep those paths for those who follow.

Keeping paths is a continuing process and each generation is to do its part to keep the paths.

You are to keep, which means to guard or hedge about, to protect, to preserve the paths of the righteous.

You are to be a path keeper, not only for yourself but for those that follow.

As an aside this is the purpose of the "Projector".

The Projector is our way of helping to keep the paths of the righteous.

It is our way of keeping the paths clean and identifiable for the righteous.

In our day there is so much confusion as to what is the path of the righteous.

Some say the path is the path of the promise keepers, some the Christian right, or some say the path of the charismatics.

The path is strewn with the litter of the world.

And there are few who pick up the litter, that is why there is so much confusion as to the direction of the path.

The path is obscured and God looks for those who will clear the path.

But that is the purpose of the Projector.

To keep the paths clean for the righteous.

To project the light of the word of God on the issues of the day.

This mission aims at keeping the path clear and distinct so that the righteous are helped in staying on the path.

You do this Son by walking in the way of good men, because good men are walking the narrow way that leads unto life everlasting.

So part of the vision of this proverbs father is to rear a son who walks in the way of good men and who keeps the paths of the righteous.

This is a son whose life contributes to the purity of that path.

This is a non-compromising son who sees the word of God as absolute and has no intention of diluting its message and the path of its message in order to gain the applause of the world.

Why is this important Son? What purpose is served?

The purpose Son is because the righteous will always live on that path.