Proverbs 4:11,  I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have led thee in right paths.

Notice the teaching in the way of wisdom and the walking in the way of wisdom. Taught and led!

There must be a walk along with the word.

There must be a practice along with the preaching.

A father who teaches the wisdom of the word and who walks the wisdom of the word, who walks in right paths can rest on the promises of God for the results.

It takes faith to believe a cookbook.

It takes faith to meticulously follow the instructions of another.

It takes faith to invest time and ingredients in an untried recipe and to believe that the outcome will be as advertised.

And we know how important it is to follow a book to arrive at a particular result but how we refuse to follow a book when it comes to the important recipes of life.

We would not dare to go on our own in the kitchen but when God offers us his book we refuse, but go on cooking in our own way.

Cook your life Godís way and the result is a banquet, cook your life your own way and the result is a disaster, and no one wants to come to the meal.

Jesus said: They that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.

They that believe Godís cookbook of life shall never thirst and never hunger.

Open your mouth wide and I will fill it!

Jesus Christ is the fatherís example, for not only did he preach the word, he walked the word.

He always led in right paths. And therefore he could say:  Go to Proverbs 4:12