Proverbs 18:24,  A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

This proverb talks about responsibility.

There is no such thing as enjoying a benefit in this world without a cost of that benefit. God ordains this!

There are many benefits in having friends but there is a responsibility that comes with that benefit.

A man that has a wife must be affectionate and tender to her needs. He has a responsibility to love her.

There is a cost associated with having a wife. The benefits of having a wife are not free.

A father must be engaged in the training of his children.

A mother must become a keeper at home to fulfill the duties that she has taken on.

There is a cost in rearing children that honor their parents.

A good neighbor needs to develop social skills and involve himself somewhat in his neighbor's life as his neighbor allows.

Each of us has many offices that we fill and each one carries with it responsibilities that come with the benefits of those offices.

And so it is with the benefit of having friends.

This proverb tells us that a responsibility that comes with having friends is that a man or woman must be friendly.

This seems self-evident but it reminds us that friendships require a continual investment of friendliness.

Friendliness requires conversation,

Friendliness requires an interest in our friend's interests

Friendliness requires an investment of our time,

Friendliness requires an acceptance of their imperfections,

Friendliness requires patience when coldness and neglect are displayed.

Friendliness requires sharing our friend's joys and sorrows,

Proverbs 17:17, sums up what a friend is:  A friend loveth at all times...Love always costs the lover

Friendship costs much and that is perhaps why we do not have more friends than we do.

We will not have friends unless we work at having friends.

We can throw them away by neglect, by offence, or by unreasonable expectations.

God does not bestow the blessings of friends upon us without effort on our part.