Proverbs 24:19,20,  Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked. For there shall be no reward to the evil man, the candle of the wicked shall be put out.

Related verse: Psalm 37:1,2, Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and whither as the green herb.

Are there any proverbs that say "Slap not thyself or punch not thyself or kick not thyself?" No? Why not?

Because no one in their right mind slaps, punches or kicks themselves.

It is not a problem that God addresses in his word.

But people can hurt themselves more by fretting than they would by slapping, punching, or kicking themselves. God's word addresses problems that cause damage to his people.

What does fret mean to you? Give me an example of fretting. Is fretting a sin? Is being fretful sinful?

Fret: To tease; to irritate; to vex; to make angry; to utter peevish expressions (apt to mutter and complain, expressing discontent, silly, childish). Also means to wear away a substance by friction. (The expression "Don't get yourself in a tizzy!" aptly describes fretting)

The wise man cautions us not to fret. Notice that he says to fret not thyself. Fretting is an action that affects oneself.

Fretting is not a healthy emotion. Fretting causes friction and wearing away of the one that frets. Are you always worn out? Perhaps fretting is the cause.

Fretting does nothing to lessen the evil doer. It is always a negative force in those that fret and has no effect on the evil.

On the contrary it probably results in further evil because someone usually has to listen to one who frets.

Oh! it irritates me to see all the evil in the world!

If I could get my hands on these murderers and thieves I'd teach them a thing or two!

All this sinning makes me so angry it makes me want to choke someone!

I could just kill all these criminals, they ought to lock them up and throw away the key!

Oh! there is so much corruption and evil in the world. It makes me angry!

I don't know why God puts up with all this evil!

I get so depressed when I see the News!

Fretting is a show of faithlessness in God's supervision of the affairs of men.

God has everything under control and he expects his children to quietly go about the Father's business trusting that the Father, in his own good time, will take care of the evildoers.

Fretting also reveals a deficient understanding of the sinful nature of man and the depraved heart of each and every human that walks this earth.

A real knowledge of the depravity of the heart should cure the fretful heart.

What should we expect from depraved hearts like this? Why are we surprised by sin and evil.

Should we expect better when God, in his word, tells us otherwise? Are we to expect goodness from unredeemed hearts?

We should not! This world is not correctible. This world is not redeemable. God will not take this world system and make something good out of it.

There is no hope for a system that God does not love and also tells us not to love.

In the flesh dwelleth no good thing. We ought to be surprised that there is not more evil that might cause us to fret.

Were it not for the restraining hand of the Holy Spirit, we would be in a deluge of evil.

Psalm 37 tells us not to fret and by the grace of God the following verses tell us how not to fret.

They say: trust in the Lord, delight thyself in the Lord, commit thy way unto the Lord, and then simply rest in the Lord.

When we rest in the Lord we trust him to take care of the evildoers in his own good time. FRET NOT!

Fretting helps no one.