Proverbs 24:27,  Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field, and afterwards build thine house.

It is very good to know what order in which to do things.

We have enough problems figuring out what to do in life, that it is a blessing when God tells us a thing in clear, concise language that, if followed, will solve a problem for us.

We don't have to wonder about it.

We can simply accept it as truth and act upon it. We know that God tells us to do all things decently and in order.

We know not to sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate.

This is an order of things that we are to observe if we are to be wise.

God wants us to look on the permanent as the principal behind the order of things.

First that which is permanent (or promotes permanent things) and then that which is temporary.

In math there is a concept called the commutative concept.

This simply means combining elements in such a manner that the result is independent of the order in which the elements are taken.

In other words order of operation does not influence the result of the operation.

For example you can add 3+2 or 2+3 and get 5 with either operation.

Therefore we call addition a commutative operation.

In like manner 3x5 or 5x3 gives the same result of 15.

Therefore we say that multiplication is a commutative operation.

The order of the operation is not important.

But look at division.

Is 3 divided by 2 the same as 2 divided by 3?

No, indeed!

Division is not commutative.

Order matters greatly.

What about subtraction?

Is 10 minus 5 the same as 5 minus 10.

You bright math students say a resounding No!

So subtraction is also not commutative.

Order of operation is important.

If you do not observe order in division and subtraction operations you will fail math!

You will get an "F"!

Another example I used in my teaching days was the order that we use in making Kool Aid.

Do we have to put the Kool Aid powder in the pitcher first and then the sugar and then the water?

Or does it matter.

You may be a proponent of the water, sugar, Kool Aid, order of operations.

Or you may mix the Kool Aid with the sugar and then add both to water.

But I think you will agree that order of the insertion of ingredients does not play a part in the success of Kool Aid.  

Making Kool Aid is a commutative operation.

But what about putting on your clothes.

Does order matter?

Do you put on your shoes first and then your socks?

Do you put on your suit and then your underclothes?

Order is indeed important.

Putting on clothes is not a commutative operation.

Order must be observed.

Solomon, in this verse, emphasizes the importance of order in life's decision.

The Bible is full of truths giving the proper order of things.

Use these truths.

Make your life simple.

You have better things to do than to try to figure an order for which God has already told you an order.

God does not want his children to be ignorant and foolish.

We have plenty of opportunities to make the wrong decisions in life.

But don't complicate your life by getting the order of things out of whack, that are carefully and clearly taught in the Scriptures.