Proverbs 27:2,  Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.

We all like to receive praise.

It is good to give praise and we need not to withhold praise when it is deserved.

The Bible says to give honor to whom honor is due.

Sometimes we are so cheap in giving praise.

Perhaps we are saving praise for a rainy day.

If someone does you or someone else good, praise him or her if it is due.

Praise does not keep and unless used at the proper time will rot and decay and will not be useful.

Perhaps people are afraid to give praise for fear that it will go to the head of the one praised.

If it is deserved we are to give praise.

If it goes to the head then that is something that the one praised has to learn to deal with.

This verse admonishes us not to praise ourselves.

We are not to fish for praise.

We are not to subtly drop hints of something we have done in hopes that others will bite the hook and throw a few "thank yous" and "I just can't believe you are so talented" comments at us.

Perhaps some fish for praise because others don't praise when something is done that is worthy of praise and no praise is given.

Either party is in the wrong.

The right thing to do is to give praise when it is due.

Have you praised your Pastor, or have you praised your mate, or your friend, your teacher or co-worker or even your boss?

Don't be part of the reason someone stoops to praising themselves.