Proverbs 30:15,16,  The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, Give, give. There are three things that are never satisfied, yea, four things say not, It is enough: The grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, It is enough.

A wise man pays attention to God's creation because he can learn things directly from God, the designer and creator of all things.

God is the unceasing teacher of his creatures and his creatures can find in each other lessons by which they can live happy and useful lives.

God intends for us to be observant of these lessons he gives in the natural order of things.

He intends for these observations, these lessons, to lead us to honor and esteem him.

And for those who pay attention to those lessons we may even call the lowly leech, Teacher Leech.

This is the same lowly leech who 150 years ago performed blood letting for doctors so often that doctors themselves were often called leeches. Can you imagine that!

The horseleach is a freshwater blood sucking worm.

It is a large leech that attaches itself to a horse's mouth and nasal passages while the horse is drinking.

Sight is almost its only organ of sense, for the leech is a very low form of life.

Leeches may have as many as ten pair of eyes.

Probably the better to see who they may devour, don't you think?

The leech is equipped to suck blood from its victim through a tiny disc at its head end.

And at its hind end there is a larger disc which is used for holding on to the object whose blood is being sucked.

So in a sense the head end, the blood sucking end is saying by its action, GIVE blood, or else!

And likewise the hind end is saying by its holding ever so tightly the object being sucked, GIVE blood, or else.

Its hold on both ends guarantees that blood is given.

The leech literally contributes to sucking out the life of the one on whom the leech is attached.

Does not the Bible say that the life is in the blood?

Now,  The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, Give, give.

They continue to cry, never being satisfied.

Never enough blood is given. Always more is desired.

The supply of blood only increases the desire for more blood.

The hind daughter keeps holding so that the head daughter of the leech can keep sucking.

They work together in unity of purpose!

The leech is going to get blood. It is designed to get blood.

It is guaranteed to get blood.

But the two daughters are never satisfied.

The hind daughter's hold gets stronger as blood enters the head daughter.

The more blood entering the leech the more encouraged the hind daughter is to hold on.

Never satisfied, never satisfied.

So the word of God uses this lowly creature to set the stage for three, no four other things that are never satisfied.

The grave like the leech is never full.

Never have I seen a no vacancy sign at the cemetery.

There is always room in the grave. No reservations necessary!

The grave that is used in this proverb is the word for sheol or hades, the world of the dead.

We may think of this grave as hell.

Sheol is never satisfied. Sheol is never full. Sheol never says: It is enough.

There is no refuge in thinking that the grave will be too full for you.

There is no comfort in thinking all the space will be used up.

Like the holding daughter of the horseleach, sin has a hold on all who know not God.

Like the sucking daughter of the horseleach the grave will grab those who have had all life drawn out of them.

The grave is a daughter of the horseleach!

And the baren womb is also never satisfied. It is barren!

It can only be satisfied by a baby but it is barren.

It will never be satisfied except by a baby but a baby cannot come to a barren womb so it will never be satisfied.

It is impossible to satisfy a barren womb because only that which causes it not to be barren will satisfy it.

The dissatisfaction of a woman with a barren womb can put a hold on her and can draw the life out of her like the daughters of the horseleach.

A barren womb is a daughter of the horseleach!

We are also told: the earth that is not filled with water; is not satisfied.

The dry and parched earth thirsts for more.

The earth is never filled to its satisfaction.

Even when wet with water it soon dries and cracks and its appetite cries out for more.

Refreshment of the earth is but for a moment and soon it lusts for a fresh supply of rain.

The earth is a daughter of the horseleach as it sucks the water from heaven into its bowels and soon cries give, give, give me more!

Fire devours all that it takes hold of.

It is the greedy destroyer that has no pity.

It desires and consumes all fuel that is supplied.

It is never satisfied but keeps burning everything in its path.

Its lust is insatiable, unceasing, unsatisfied.

It never stops and says: It is enough. Lust never does.

So God has provided these examples to show us a picture of lust.

Lust of the flesh like that leech that is never satisfied.

Lust like the grave that continually opens its mouth to suck its victims into its abyss.

Lust like the barren womb that is never satisfied with a child,

Lust like the earth that sucks up the water and cries out Give, give, unending supplies of water!

Lust like the fire that consumes greedily any fuel in its way and is never filled.

Lust also has two daughters.

The daughters of human lust so put an unyielding hold on the sinner and its hold is never released as it draws the life from the sinner.

Lust ever drawing life from the sinner with an gluttonous appetite, never being satisfied, each lust provoking another.

And always saying give, give but never saying, It is enough!

Never releasing the sinner because of satisfaction but continually demanding more from the sinner to feed the flame.

But God be praised!

He is able to give liberty to escape the lust of the flesh, to be free from the leeching power of sin and the un-consuming fires of Hell.

And with Paul you can say: I have found in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

Only in Christ can one be truly satisfied!

The lust of the flesh nor the lust of the eye, like the lust of the leech, never brings satisfaction!

"PROVERB PRACTICALS" Article in "The Projector" for Proverbs 30:15,16, never enough