Proverbs 31:11,12,  The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

Lemuel’s mother challenges her son to seek a virtuous woman.

A woman who extends herself, a woman who does not limit herself, a reaching woman, a stretching woman, a woman of excellence, a woman of virtue.

So that he knows what she is talking about she describes the life of such a woman of virtue.

She wants to have no misunderstanding in her son's mind as to what a virtuous woman is so she describes her in detail.

She begins with the heart of her husband.

She wants her son to know that the test of her virtue is how she extends, how she reaches, how she stretches in relation to her husband.

What is occurring in the husband's heart as a result of the kind of wife he has?

How does her virtue affect her husband?

How is his heart affected by his wife?

Are not husband and wife one flesh?

In the case of a virtuous woman the husband's heart is a heart of peace.

It is a heart that is able to trust because that trust is built on a solid foundation of past deeds by his wife.

His wife has a testimony in which he can safely trust her to behave in a manner which will bring honor to his name but never bring disgrace.

He is without worry to leave his interests in her care.

He does not examine her doings with a suspicious eye because he knows her doings will be in his best interests.

He knows that she will stretch herself to insure his comfort and his wellbeing.

He knows that she is one to relieve his burdens instead of adding burdens to his load.

He knows that she will keep from him those aggravations and vexations that do not suit the make-up of a man.

She knows that a man is different from a woman and does not try to make him over in her image or an image concocted in her mind.

She realizes that her husband needs help and that God created her to be the help that fits him.

She extends herself, she stretches herself, she virtures herself to that effort.

He is free to carry out his responsibilities without carrying the load she most willingly bears.

He knows her prudence and economy, as she conducts the business affairs of the household, will be such that he has no need of spoil.

He does not fear when shopping day comes about because he completely trusts her judgment to purchase only that which enhances his home.

He has no need of unjust gain of wealth by force or evil means because his wife profits the household instead of depleting the household by extravagant and wasteful spending.

He is not forced to seek extra work or go to war to support her profligate spending habits.

He knows that the benefits of his work will be put to such use as to bring profit instead of loss to his name.

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

Consistency toward him never varies.

She is not as one to mix good with evil.

She is a faithful friend who will stand by him until death do they part.

She knows that a help-meet is a help who is fitting to the need of her husband.

She knows that only she can do for him what he needs.

Without her the needs of his life would go unmet.

She fully knows her importance to his welfare.

Without her he would not be the same man.

She is not as one who was created to be a help but instead becomes a hindrance.

She is not as the wives of Solomon who drew away his heart.

She would never copy Job's wife who called upon her husband to curse God and die.

Nor would she turn to look back at Sodom as Lot's wife who couldn't take her eyes off the world and left her husband to become a pillar of salt.

She is interested in her husband's welfare.

She extends herself past possible neglect or lack of notice of her deeds.

This does not stop her good toward her husband.

She does not requite evil for evil but good for evil.

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.