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The Bible, particularly the book of Proverbs, has much to say about the issues of life.   Over the last twenty two years, at Grace Bible Church, Milton, Florida, I have taught many lessons from this book and now make them available to anyone who can use them as a help in their teaching ministry or in their own personal study.   God�s Proverbs are very practical and useful to anyone who desires to live a productive and satisfying life.   Proverbs, a book written by a father to his son, includes everything a man needs to know on how to live, really live.   And that is why its study is so important.

I write an article entitled, Proverb Practicals, in a quarterly Christian magazine, "The "PROJECTOR."   Each article of approximately eight hundred words, covers one or two proverbs and offers the reader good practical advice about some aspect of right living.   Much of the Proverbs is about the rearing of sons who will fear and love God and desire to serve Him.   It is of utmost importance to follow God's direction in the rearing of children and not depend on the ever changing methods of man.   God made the child and He knows exactly what it takes to rear a child.   So knowing, teaching, and following the principles of the Proverbs are paramount for right living.   Lessons for all Proverbs in Chapters 1 through 12 and Chapter 31 are provided, but lessons for Chapters 13 through 30 are partial.  I also have lesson text or lesson audio contributors to his site and they are acknowledged accordingly. 

Click on the link above or here   **Proverbs Lessons**   and you will find many lessons that span all chapters of this wonderful book.

You may also listen to the audio of the articles published in "The Projector" by clicking on the link "Proverb Practicals Radio Broadcasts."


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